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About us

PRIMEZERVE INDIA PRIVATE LIMITED (PIPL) is an ISO 9001:2015, ISO 27001:2013 Certified Enterprise Asset and Content Management Company which helps its customers to improve their processes and utilization by optimizing their entire organization data and Informations, PIPL was founded by entrepreneurs possessing extensive experience in enterprise asset and content domain across various industry verticals.

PIPL is the Leading service provider in MRO data cleansing, Healthcare data cleansing, Retail data cleansing.

PIPL Help our clients to enhance their efficiency in Plant Reliability, Value Engineering, Procurement, E-Commerce, Warehouse, Demand, Inventory, Supply Chain, Spend Analysis and Strategic Sourcing.

PIPL is a seasoned and talented team of Enterprise Asset and Content Management consultants, since 2010 we helped our clients to improve their performance and profits. Though our methods are complex, our goal is very simple: we want to help our clients to achieve maximum return on investment-ROI.


To become a Leading Service Provider of Enterprise asset and content management solutions worldwide.Our mission is to provide clients across world with IT enabled and engineering services from concept through to completion with highly skill professional team working together.

Industry verticals we serve

  • Manufacturing
  • Process
  • Energy
  • Distribution
  • Oil & Gas
  • Retail
  • Healthcare & pharma
  • Information Technology
  • Enterprise Content Management - ECM

  • Enterprise Asset Management - EAM

  • Information Technology Services



Catzerve® Product Cataloguing Suite

Catzerve® Product Cataloguing suite can be utilized as a Inventory data management such as product/material/spares data cataloguing and management which helps the inventory data optimization can be prepared for transformation into the major ERP systems i.e. SAP, Oracle, Maximo, Baan, MS Dynamics, Infor EAM or any other customized system. Major challenges of an IT implementation, especially the ERP systems are data management issues and change management issues. The data management tasks include structuring and consolidating the data from disparate systems, consolidation, cleansing, standardization, de-duplication and format conversions. These tasks can be effectively handled through Catzerve® Product Cataloguing suite.

Eamzerve® Enterprise Asset Tracking Suite

Eamzerve® Enterprise Asset Tracking Suite can be utilized as enterprise asset data and functional management of every industrial assets and their functions which helps the asset life cycle and same can be transformed in to the major ERP systems i.e. SAP, Oracle, Maximo, Baan, MS Dynamics, Infor EAM or any other customized system. The asset reliability through the consolidation of asset data via collection and updation, their life cycle management, effective tracking via the bar coding or any other custom specified tracking can be effectively handled through Eamzerve® and it supports strategic approach to the optimal allocation of resources for the management, operation, maintenance by managing collection, analysis, storage and tracking of the assets.

Doczerve® Document Management Suite

Doczerve® Document Management Suite can be utilized to manage documents by digitizing to result paper less industry, It follows the below mentioned steps to manage the documents effectively such as Scanning/Creation, Editing, Locating, Authentication/Approval, Workflow, filing, Distribution, Retrieval, Security, Retention of the documents can be handled through Doczerve® Document Management Suite.
Doczerve® use scanners to make digital copies of every document. These documents are coded to attach them to specific files or accounts and optical character reading, OCR, systems provide insight into the contents of each page. Doczerve® Results the digital version of the document is stored and filed for future use.