Enterprise Content management
PIPL provides complete range of product and service data cataloguing services which include data cleansing, enrichment and classification, we handle any data type as input and can provide in any required format. PIPL delivers quality services with professionals who are experienced with domain experience in Engineering, E-Commerce, IT & ITES, Spend Analysis, Healthcare, Supplier and customer relationship management.

Master Data Management

Data Cleansing

Data cleansing the process of standardizing the data in a structured format. It includes the following step by step process to reduce the pain points data disaster. First step is to analyse characteristics and structure by Experts. Second step is product name identification and extracting the associated specifications with the help of specified schema in a structured format by selecting and populating the appropriate attributes, Third is data normalization for improving consistency and quality. Final step is duplicate resolution by identifying and removing the duplicates by keeping only unique records.

Data Enrichment

Data enrichment is the process of managing the data with the help of Internet Research-EDV with the legacy information's supplied by the clients, By sourcing the manufacturer/supplier catalogues and information's from the World Wide Web. Enrichment process carried out in the customer specified schema by extracting the attribute values for the material characteristics as followed, If and when required, the data is cleansed and normalized based on the requirement. Images could be sourced, resized, cleaned up and thumbnails could be created based on the requirement.

Data Classification

Data classification is the categorization of data or categorizing of items in a logical and hierarchical order for its most effective and efficient use. This is the must exercise for every company to strengthen the roots of data as it plays the vital role of data protection throughout its lifetime. PIPL provides group of classification that suits to the business needs in global Schemas like UNSPSC, ECCMA, SIC, NATO, NAICS or Custom Schema.

Proper Data Classification results Improves spend visibility and purchasing process, Reduction in duplicates, Vendor evaluation and assessment, spend reduction and strategic procurement.

MDM Verticals We serve

Maintenance, Repair & Overhaul - MRO
Product Information Management - PIM
Supplier / Customer Data - CRM
Spend Analysis

Document Management

PIPL works with our clients to manage their documents by digitizing to result paper less industry, PIPL follows the below mentioned steps to manage the documents effectively.

  • Creation These are the methods for envisioning, initiating, and collaborating on a new document’s development.
  • Location There must be a physical location where documents will be stored and accessed.
  • Authentication These are the stated methods of ensuring that a document is fully vetted and approved before it is considered to be official, compliant communication from the company.
  • Workflow This describes the series of steps needed to pass documents from one person to another for various purposes.
  • Filing we file a document by placing it in the physical location and then attaching metadata to the document. The metadata files the document logically by allowing the document to be found based on the metadata values assigned to the document.
  • Edit we edit the documents/drawings Informations as a part of upgradation of the system.
  • Distribution This describes the methods of getting the document into the hands of the intended readers.
  • Retrieval This refers to the methods used to find the documents, such as querying the index for keywords or using search alerts to find new content that meets the query keywords.
  • Security This refers to the methods used to ensure the document’s integrity and security during the document life cycle.
  • Retention These are the organization’s policies and practices that inform everyone how long different document types are retained by the company.